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1 (boxing) the act of one boxer holding onto the other to avoid being hit and to rest momentarily
2 a small slip noose made with seizing [syn: clench]
3 the flattened part of a nail or bolt or rivet
4 a tight or amorous embrace; "come here and give me a big hug" [syn: hug, squeeze]


1 secure or fasten by flattening the ends of nails or bolts; "The girder was clinched into the wall"
2 hold a boxing opponent with one or both arms so as to prevent punches
3 hold in a tight grasp; "clench a steering wheel" [syn: clench]
4 embrace amorously
5 flatten the ends (of nails and rivets); "the nails were clinched"
6 settle conclusively; "clinch a deal"

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  1. To make certain; to finalize.
    I already planned to buy the car, but the color was what really clinched it for me.
  2. To fasten securely or permanently.
  3. To bend and hammer the point of a nail so it cannot be removed.

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To clinch is to hold tightly. Clinch may also refer to:
In sports, a team is said to clinch a title when no other team is able to deprive them of that title. The term is used when there are still other games to be played that would normally contribute to determining the winner of the title, but no longer do because of the outcome of prior games. (For instance, if Team A has three more wins than Team B with one game to play, Team A has clinched.)
The word should not be used in regards to individual playoff series in sports; a team does not "clinch" the championship if they win a best-of-seven series. Clinch, as detailed above, is mathematically based and implies there are "dead" games that must be played.
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abduct, adhere, adhere to, affix, afford proof of, agglomerate, anchor, ankle, annex, articulation, ascertain, assure, attach, bear hug, belay, bite, boundary, bring home to, bunch, butt, carry off, cement, certify, cervix, cinch, clamp, clasp, clear up, cleave, cleave to, clench, cling, cling to, clinging, clip, close quarters, closure, clot, cluster, clutch, coagulate, cohere, come together, communicate, complete, conclude, confirm, congeal, conglomerate, connect, connecting link, connecting rod, connection, converge, coupling, cramp, cuddle, death grip, decide, demonstrate, determine, dismiss all doubt, dispose of, dovetail, elbow, embrace, enfold, engraft, ensure, establish, fasten, find out, firm hold, fix, follow, follow from, foothold, footing, freeze to, get at, gliding joint, graft, grapple, grasp, grip, gripe, grow together, hang on, hang on to, hang together, have a case, hinge, hinged joint, hip, hold, hold fast, hold good, hold on, hold on to, hold tight, hold together, hold water, hug, insure, intercommunicate, interface, iron grip, join, joining, joint, juncture, keep hold of, kidnap, knee, knit, knuckle, link, make certain, make fast, make good, make no doubt, make no mistake, make out, make sure, make sure of, mass, meet, merge, miter, moor, mortise, nail down, neck, never let go, nip, persist, pivot, pivot joint, press, prove, prove to be, prove true, purchase, put to, rabbet, reassure, remove all doubt, scarf, screw up, seam, secure, see that, see to it, seizure, set, set at rest, set to, settle, settle the matter, shanghai, shoulder, show, solidify, sort out, squeeze, stay, stay put, stick, stick to, stick together, stitch, suture, symphysis, take hold of, tenure, throttle, tie rod, tight grip, tighten, toehold, toggle, toggle joint, trice up, trim, union, unite, weld, wind up, wrist
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